Who is Liloe Rix? That question I’ll ask myself still sometimes.

I’m a songwriter, guitarplayer and performer from Amsterdam. I’m a girl, I’m an optimist, I’m a human who always sees the good in the bad. Can’t do anything about that. I’m searching, but who is not?

Searching for answers, about this life, about this world, about myself. Are we true to each other? Am I really honest as a person? Am I really true to myself? Okay, sometimes I ask a bit too much questions.

That’s why I make music. It is an exploration. When I write music, the ego and everything around is gone. Just surrender, connecting with your inner emotions. Completely living in the moment.

When I play live, me and the audience on the same time, on the same place. It gives this awesome feeling of energy in the room. How special is it that we are sharing this same experience. This make us connect. Isn’t that the reason why we are here on this earth?

I love to dance. With my hulahoop. I love rollerblading. It’s the same kind of feeling as making music or meditation. There is no time anymore, you are just there, focusing on the thing you do. I have a scar on my forehead. Sometimes I pretend it is my third eye. It feels like there is more than just us and our bodies. This world exist out of energy. Isn’t is a beautiful idea that we exist out of energy?

Doesn’t matter if it is a loopmachine, a hulahoop or nature. Everything goes around, in circles.

I’m not sure if I ever find all the answers on my questions. And maybe it is boring and unnecessary to know everything. But one thing I know for sure is that music connects. Music is emotion. Songs are little stories, a trip to finding answers. I want to share my stories. With you.