Liloe Rix’s music gives you a glimpse into her perception of the world from within her artistic mind with exceptionally intimate songs that showcase her honest songwriting with a rocky edge and warm acoustic undertones. Taking influence from the likes of Maggie Rogers, Jade Bird, and HAIM, her natural craftsmanship shines through in her remarkable guitar playing. She bravely showcases her vulnerable side, unafraid to sing about her insecurities, probing to find her own limits and all the ups and downs that come with the expectations of being a young adult trying to find her way in our society.

After releasing her singles ‘Let Go’ and ‘The Limit’ it is now time for her to fully step into her own as an artist and release her first EP ‘Imperfections’ in May of 2023. Through the poetic landscape of six intimate folk songs, she tells her authentic story of searching for perfection within imperfection. While going through a burn out she found familiar consolation in music, determined to get back on her feet she captured her healing process by writing these songs, hoping to spread a positive message and inspire others as well.

She recorded this EP in collaboration with music producer Huub van Loon (The Ultraverse) accompanied by Nicky Hustinx on drums (Weval, Fink) and Jasja Johanna (Pitou, Silver Lake) on the bass, the ideal combination for making these songs perfectly imperfect.

Liloe Rix is the solo project of guitar player Liloe Barend who has been touring and making music for years. She’s received support from major Dutch radio stations like Radio 4 and 3FM, and toured extensively as a solo artist with her guitar and loop station through The Netherlands, playing established venues like Melkweg and Paradiso and with her first EP release on its way 2023 is the year we’re gonna hear more of Liloe Rix.